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Three Ways To Advertise Your Business Without Even Trying

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When you own a small business, you need to wear many hats. One of those hats has to be the role of head advertiser—but the idea of having to spend time on advertising can be intimidating when you have so many other tasks to handle. Here are three ways to advertise without even trying.

1. Car Magnets

There are companies that will design customized car magnets that you can stick on your car, employees' cars, and even the cars of customers with their permission. Design a magnet that shows your business name and has a brief description of what you do, along with contact information. For instance, your magnet could say "Jessica's Salon: Hair, Nails, and Makeup. Call 777-777-7777." Keep it brief so people can read the magnet as they pass by. You may want to buy magnets in a few different sizes: big ones for your car, and smaller ones to hand out to customers. Your vehicle will advertise for you whenever you drive!

2. Tell Customers to Spread the Word

You're already doing great work for customers, so why not let them be your advertising? Tell every customer you work with to pass on your information if they know someone else who would like your services. You can even give them a few spare cards to hand out. Word of mouth can be some of your best advertising, and all you need to do is say a few words to customers who you see anyways.

3. Wear Branded Shirts

Instead of wearing your standard polo, dress shirt, or t-shirt, have a set of custom shirts made for yourself and for your employees. This way, you can all wear custom shirts with the business logo and name on them whenever you are out and about. You could have some t-shirts made and some polo shirts, so you're able to dress for casual and more semi-formal occasions. You had to get dressed anyways—you might as well advertise as you do it! Customized hats can also work well, if appropriate. 

Each of these three tips can work together. For example, customers can wear branded T-shirts and use car magnets as well, if they want to help spread the word. And, you can choose a logo or design that would work on both t-shirts and car magnets to save labor.

Don't put off advertising your business just because you don't have a lot of time. By investing in car magnets, designing some t-shirts, and spreading the word through the right people, you can advertise your business with less effort than expected. Before long, your customer base will be increased.