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Steel Versus Aluminum: Which Aftermarket Truck Bed Works Best For You?

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Buying an aftermarket truck bed to modify your truck into a more efficient work vehicle can be beneficial in many ways. You can haul various loads without damaging your truck and you can even achieve greater hauling capacity by having a longer flatbed installed if your truck's design will allow it. Two of the most common materials used in designing flatbeds are aluminum and steel. Before making your final purchase, compare these two metals side-by-side to see which one will meet your needs best.


If you are looking for a cheaper flatbed, you will find that steel is a cheaper option over aluminum. This is especially true if you are buying a longer flatbed for your vehicle. The wheelbase of your truck will be the determining factor of how long your flatbed can be. Compare the price of a shorter aluminum flatbed to that of a longer steel flatbed to see which option will benefit you financially the most.


If you are concerned about your vehicle's max weight hauling capacity, then you should lean more towards aluminum flatbeds for sale. This is because aluminum is very lightweight compared to steel, and having this metal installed on your vehicle will impact your hauling weight limits less. If you plan on hauling heavy equipment or large loads a majority of the time, aluminum may prove to be the more beneficial choice. Aluminum flatbeds can also cut down on gas costs due to their lighter weight when using your vehicle as a traveling truck, which is another benefit you should consider.


Both aluminum and steel are heavy-duty metals that are resistant to rust, tears, dents, and other natural wear. Steel is the longer-lasting of the two metals, so if you want a flatbed that will last for as long as you own your vehicle or you plan on using your flatbed on a regular basis, you will want to consider steel options over aluminum. Aluminum flatbeds that are fully welded still carry a long and reliable lifespan nearly comparable to steel, so ultimately it all comes down to personal preference when it comes to choosing a flatbed for its durability.

When it comes to choosing a flatbed for your truck, you need to consider price, durability, and overall weight of each metal. A custom flatbed can be made for your truck, or you can choose standard options for your vehicle's make and model.