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What You Should Know About Having Your Car Professionally Detailed

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Car detailing is a thriving industry in some areas of the country and offers in-depth cleaning and restoration services for cars, trucks, and SUVs that the owner does not have the time to do. The level of cleaning involved in car detailing can vary, but often it goes far deeper than the basic washing and vacuuming that you get at the local carwash.

Start With The Basics

Washing the outside of the vehicle starts the process, and the amount of time put into getting all the dirt and road grime off the car may be far more than you would expect. In many cases, the car detailing company will take the time to wash the entire car by hand and then clean inside the door jams, in areas where panels meet and dirt can be trapped, or anywhere dirt is hiding.

Along with washing the body, the glass is often cleaned carefully with a high-quality glass cleaner that won't leave soap streaks on it. Once the car is clean on the outside, the car detailing service can offer you some options that may range from waxing the car to adding a ceramic paint coating that can provide a durable shell over the paint's surface to protect it. 

The level of protection you add to the exterior paint is your decision, so you will want to discuss the costs and time involved with the car detailing service and let them know what you want to do with your vehicle. 

Interior Cleaning

The level of cleaning you want can vary by the condition of the vehicle's interior. If you always keep things clean and don't allow food in the car, you may not need a lot of cleaning inside. However, if you use the vehicle a lot and are not that concerned about dirt, you could need carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, and deep cleaning that can help ensure that the interior looks as good as the vehicle's exterior. Once the body is clean, detailing the vehicle's interior can begin.

Interior detailing often goes as far as you like to get the inside clean, and sometimes that includes using cotton swabs to clean the joints or crevises in the interior dash panels and console. The car detailing service can clean the interior glass for you, and most offer leather and vinyl treatments using protectants that they can apply as well. 

If you have considered adding a fabric protectant to the seats and interior of the car, many detailing companies can do that for you after the upholstery is clean. Because there are so many service levels available from the car detailing services, you should establish what you want and the budget level you can afford for the service. In some situations, it is easy to run up a significant bill with add-on services and other things you want the detailing service to do, so get the prices upfront and determine what your vehicle needs.