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How RV Windshield Covers Work And Why You Want One

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The huge windshield on your RV allows you to have fantastic scenic views, but it has a downside. Since RV windshields are so large, they let a lot of sunlight into your RV that can make the small space too hot. Even though you may have air conditioning, you'll have to use the AC more just to keep the RV cool with so much solar heating from the windshield. The solution to this problem is to buy a windshield cover. Here's how they work and why you should look into buying one.

How RV Windshield Covers Work

RV windshield covers attach to the outside of your RV. Different covers are made in different ways. They may have weighted hems or magnetic strips that hold them against the RV. They could have cutouts for mirrors that help keep the cover snug against the surface. Some covers have straps that you pull inside so no one can remove the cover from the outside. Since you can't drive with these in place, the covers are designed to go on easily once you're parked.

Windshield covers are often made of white vinyl so they reflect the sun's rays. The vinyl is waterproof and resistant to mildew so you don't have to worry about it getting wet when it rains. Solid vinyl covers provide complete privacy since the entire windshield is blocked when the cover is in place. You can also buy RV windshield covers that you can see through. These are made of woven vinyl, and they keep out almost all of the sun, but you can see through them during the day. This type of cover might be best if the way your RV is parked gives you a beautiful view. You can see outside since it's lighter than inside your RV, but people outside can't see in unless it's night and you have the lights on in your RV. The see-through covers need to be paired with curtains for complete privacy at night.

Both types of windshield covers keep your RV cooler and prevent UV fading. 

Why Your RV Needs A Windshield Cover

Whether you leave your RV parked outdoors when not in use or if you live in your RV full time, it's good to block the sun from shining through the glass all day. The sun not only heats up the interior, it can also cause UV fading of the curtains and upholstery. If it gets too hot inside, like when you leave the RV parked in full sun in the summer, the sun might even damage items you have in the front seats or on the dash.

Besides protection from the sun, RV windshield covers also give you privacy by blocking the view inside the windshield. This keeps nosy people from peering inside while you're eating breakfast or watching TV. Your stay in an RV could be much more comfortable once you have a cover installed, and you'll appreciate having more privacy too.