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Tips for Maintaining a Boat Trailer

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If you have a boat, you probably have a boat trailer to get it from its storage location to the ocean, lake, or river. While you likely spend a good deal of time maintaining your boat, you shouldn't forget about the trailer, as it always needs to remain in good condition.

Rinse Saltwater from the Trailer

To start with, on a regular basis, you should make sure your boat trailer is clean. Aside from regular hosing down and scrubbing of the trailer when it gets dirt and debris built up on it, you need to focus on rinsing it each time you go in or near saltwater. While the boat itself is going into saltwater, the trailer will also end up with a good amount of salt. The trailer needs to be rinsed after each time you go to saltwater, and the brakes of your trailer also need to be flushed out each time.

Check the Brakes and Tires

Two important parts of the trailer that you need to routinely ensure work properly are the brakes and tires. To start with, make sure the trailer brakes are working well before each time you use the trailer. You don't want to take a risk and end up damaging your boat while towing it on the road because the brakes weren't working properly. Every time you hook up the trailer to your towing vehicle, test the brakes. Also have the brakes inspected on a regular basis. With the tires of the trailer, you want to check the tread like you would check tread on your vehicle. Also check the tire pressure before using the trailer.

Lubricate the Metal Components

The metal components on your boat trailer are at risk of rust, corrosion, and buildup. If they start wearing away, they will need to be lubricated with lubricating oil. This includes the trailer railing, nuts, and posts. These components can rust very easily, especially when you are using the trailer in saltwater on a regular basis. Make sure that when you choose the lubricating oil, you go with the never-seize variety for the boat trailer.

Have the Trailer Serviced

In addition to these basic inspection and maintenance tasks, you also need to have the boat trailer serviced on a regular basis. This allows a professional such as AB Trailers to do a more thorough inspection of the trailer, from the brakes and lights to the tires and base of the trailer. The professional you hire will perform repairs as needed.